The Great Return

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Session 1
The adventure begins...

Gozran 28th – These are the words of Jozef Tarak, son of Mikhail and Iskra. My father believes that it is best that I keep a journal of what is to come. He says I am embarking on a journey into history, and this record will ensure that my deeds are properly remembered. I do not share his view, but I will keep this journal has a son’s duty to his father.

Three days have passed since I accepted the charter of the Swordlords to help reclaim the stolen lands south of Rostland. I have been assigned to a stretch of territory south and east of my home known as the Greenbelt. The chartmaster said I was travel to Oleg’s trading post and meet the others who have accepted this charter as well. By my reckoning, Oleg’s is still two days away. Two days cross these barren plains, only now beginning to thaw after the harshest winter I’ve seen in all my 23 years. Two days with nothing but the biting wind, the dancing grass, and my wolf friend Laika at my side. Two days before my “journey into history” truly begins.

I fear these two days will pass all too quickly.

Gozran 30th – I have arrived at Oleg’s trading post. As I approached the gate, I was joined by 4 men that have also answered the charter of the Sworldlords. None of them look of the frontier, and I find myself fascinated by their strange ways. There is Thaco, a swordsman from somewhere up north; Iays, a slight man who seems quite at home in the shadows; Dwadzim, a dwarf from some military order known as the samurai; and Nugeni, a gnome whose child-like enthusiasm can turn disturbingly destructive. These are the men that I am to tame the Greenbelt with. Erastil preserve.

After introducing ourselves, we met Oleg and his wife Svetlana. It appears a group of bandits have been extorting money and supplies from the couple for the past 3 months and they are due to return to the trading tomorrow morning. It appears my party and I will have our first taste of battle sooner than I had anticipated.

By the will of Erastil, I hope it will not be our last.

Desnus 1st – The bandits have been defeated! After setting a trap for them at Oleg’s, we were able to make quick work of them. We managed to take one captive and learned that they have a camp some two days to the south. After learning what we could from him, Iays slit his throat. The law of our charter is clear: any bandit shall be dealt with by blade or rope. I know this. I accept this. But I still find myself dwelling on the look of surprise and horror in the eyes of the bandit as Iays’ blade emptied his life’s blood. I fear that those eyes will be in my mind for many nights to come.

Desnus 2nd – We’ve begun our trek south to the bandit’s camp. Although these lands are unfamiliar to me, they are similar enough to my own home that I am able to read the signs of nature easily and I feel I should be able to find the bandit’s camp by tomorrow. Being a druid in the wild certainly has its advantages.

Desnus 3rd – We found the bandit camp just before noon and slew them all without too much trouble. We also were able to capture their leader, Kressle. She tried to bargain for her life, but our task was clear. Perhaps she will find a greater balance in her next life.
Before Dwadzim put her to the sword, Kressle told us that she works for another bandit chief, a large, dangerous man known as Stag Lord. I’ve no doubt that we will eventually have to face this Stag Lord. I wonder if his appearance marks him as a follower of Erastil like I? That could make conflict with him…interesting.

Desnus 4th – We are returning to Oleg’s to deliver the goods the bandits stole from him as well as Svetlana’s wedding ring. Ran into a batch of kobolds in a radish patch. Vicious creatures. We’ve heard there are more of them in a cave somewhere and the Swordlords are offering a reward for their deaths. Perhaps we will look into that sometime.

Desnus 5th – We’ve arrived at Oleg’s and have returned his stolen goods. The Swordlords have sent some men under the command of Kesten Garess to help secure the trading post. It’s good to know they’ll be there to protect Oleg and Svetlana when we are in the wild.


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